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Reporting, Editing and Marketing of Converged Media

That’s a heavy title.

For a student more comfortable with paper and pen than with FinalCut Pro, working with multimedia should have been the last thing on my “classes to take before graduating” list. I’m not a technophobe (does Merriam-Webster or Oxford recognize that word?) by any means, but that does not mean I can┬ábuild an app from scratch. I can just about build and design a basic website.

I love technology, even if I don’t always (hint: 90 percent of the time) understand it. I got very excited when I learned that drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles) could be used for journalism, if only laws on their usage could be standardized. Therefore, when the opportunity came to make a love-child between print and technology, I took it.

The baby’s name: 3D Journalism.

I am very excited (and a little bit apprehensive) about working with a 3D camera and a Lytro Illum camera (maybe). As my mentor for the project said, “There is a steep learning curve involved with this project.” Part of me thinks I am more excited by the challenge than I am by working with 3D. But then I look at some of the work the other people involved with the project have already done and I am awed by their skills.

Here’s to a semester of working with brilliant minds and brilliant technology.


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