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Social Media in Journalism

American newspapers are developing a focus on creating and maintaining a strong social media presence. Reaching out and connecting with  audiences (by these publications) is a high priority. Making sure news is broken to the people with the most accurate information possible, in the most timely manner is a very high priority. Ergo, publications and their reporters create Twitter accounts to keep with the demand for news immediately. The Americans make social media work for them (except, with the Boston bombings, the Newton shooting).

Indian newspapers, however, do not see the need to expand their presence to the Internet. Their print editions are in great, growing demand. This website explains the situation succinctly. However, start-ups by the current generation of youth do understand the need for an online presence. NH7 combines the two worlds in a very effective manner – they have reporters and photographers on the ground covering gigs and musical events who then post their reviews and articles on the website from wherever they have an Internet connection.

Publications in United Arab Emirates have a website for their print edition, but for the people, the physical copy is more popular than the website. Take the website for Abu Dhabi Week as an example. The layout is the same as the print edition. The interactivity between reader and the magazine is minimum (on the website, anyway). However, once the copies are distributed to its pickup locations, they are all gone within the day.

The United States news agencies have integrated social media in their stride fairly seamlessly. The rest of the world is still catching up. But is the integration really that necessary for every country?


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Pen+Paper vs the Internet

I think it ironic (and funny) I am posting about social media (in general) on a social media platform.

Score: Lakshna – 1; Social media – 0

I find it funny how people post their entire life stories on Facebook, a lot of their thought-chatter (it should be a word) on Twitter and a mix of both on blogging websites.

Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned diary? What happened to sitting at your desk at the end of the day and writing about the day in a diary with a pen (preferably a fountain pen)? Although honestly, I think most people would write while in bed, wrapped in their blankets. I know I would (confession: I do).

I think Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress et all are excellent websites to network, find and keep in touch with friends, record trips and crowd source. I have missed out many more uses but you know them anyway.

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