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Challenge accepted

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the Republic was at war again… no, I’m kidding. Although, it would make for a good (albeit recycled) story.

I digress.

Back in January, I said I wanted to add “Audio, Photography and Video skills” to my resume. Over 16 weeks, I learnt the difference between aperture and shutter speed; how to use natural sounds to carry a story; how to edit audio down to the tiniest possible fraction of a second; and more. The result: skillz (yes, with a ‘z’) have been added to my resume.

However, they go beyond being just marketable abilities. Being able to tell a story using more than the spoken word requires a lot more creativity and attention to detail. Telling a story using two or more elements needs a heightened sense of storytelling. The reporter has to decide which element (audio, visual, written word) will narrate the story in the most compelling manner. What sells a story is how it is told.

Did I learn how to tell a story? I learnt some of it. There is a lot to storytelling than just throwing together elements and facts and quotes. There is more to it than knowing what goes where and why. I have yet to learn that. Once I learn that, there will be more to learn. Storytelling is an art form that evolves with the storyteller. I will do well to remember that.

This post was about reflection. Here’s some of the work I have done this semester:

A short  video.

A TV-Style video.

A gallery of some of my favourite shots.


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Spring 2013 collection

These are pictures I have taken during the course of this semester. I believe these images are some of my best shots; they are all definitely my favourites. They have been taken with a Nikon D7000. Editing (on some) is limited to cropping and playing with the saturation and/or contrast levels.

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A Story in Pictures

She went on a walk like she did every evening before the sun set. The week had been rough so she decided to pamper herself a little. She had earned it.

Her first stop was Coldstone.

ImageShe picked the size she wanted. She had her icecream customized.


A little down the road was a dress shop. Her lucky day – they had a 50 percent sale on everything.


She thought she would have to settle. But then her eyes fell on the dress made for her.


She walked out happier than she had been in a while. It was true: sometimes retail therapy is all a person needs to feel better.

She headed home.


Someone had painted her door while she was gone. Landlords, she muttered to herself  darkly.

She stood for a moment, admiring the fresh paint job.


It was the last sight she ever saw.


Her blood was the only remaining trace left. Her body was never found.

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