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Taste of India

The “Snowpocalypse” of Columbia left me unprepared when it came to food. I had tortilla sheets and some salsa to go with it but I was hungry, as were my friends. We decided to venture outside and see which food joints in town were brave enough to remain open.

Our first choice was Subway. Ah, Subway. With its perfect foot longs and fresh vegetables and, according to my friends, delicious meat. Perfect in every way, except being open on nights with heavy snowfall and light foot-traffic.

Disappointed we stood in front of Subway’s door, contemplating our next move. Being Indian, ergo knowing how Indians think, I suggested the three of us head towards India’s House. This snowfall would not deter an Indian, especially a Punjabi, from their business. After all, Mumbai was back on its feet a day after the 2005 floods. What’s a foot a snow before that?

So my friends and I trudged through the white terrain (thank god we’re not in Westeros!) and got to India’s house. It was only after we walked through did I realise how much I was missing Indian food.

Food was ordered, served and eaten.

One reason why I really love the food at India’s House is because it is authentic, down to the last corner of the naan. I have been quite a few Indian restaurants in different countries and I can honestly say India’s House is one of the best for Indian food outside India. I promise this is not a biased opinion.

The cooks at India’s house do not alter the food based on your taste buds. The only question they ask after they take your order is how spicy do you want your food. The only variable in the food is the amount of spice.

Take it from an Indian who loves her food and does not joke when it comes to authenticity. India’s House is the only place to go for a real taste of India. Even if they do not have chaats.


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