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Fire brightens reporter’s day

During this past month at the Missourian, I have formed a theory, which has never yet been proven wrong.

My theory: if I am on GA (general assignment) shift in the evening, nothing newsworthy will take place.

I had GA shift today evening and left a few minutes earlier than I am scheduled to because my editor said I could.

About five-six minutes later, he calls me saying there’s a fire and I need to cover it. I can honestly say I have never before been this excited for a fire. This was also the first time a fire brightened my day. Pun intended.

So, while technically my theory was just proved wrong, it was not really. It’s in that nice gray area I like to call “Because I Said So.”

The best part about covering this story: When I went to the scene, I found one of my acquaintances! Nick was there with his girlfriend and they had just eaten at the restaurant where the fire happened. He had also taken a video of the entire fire, which is included in my story.

*insert moment of joy/source-finding-excitement/quick quotes*

Quick note about the title of the post: I know fires are not a joking matter and I want to assure you I did not take this lightly. But in complete honesty, it did make me feel better about myself and my life.


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