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Story Ideas

I need three story ideas. Let’s see where brainstorming will get me.

1. Follow the owner of SoCo club.

I interviewed him for my news writing class last semester and found him to be a very interesting person. The interview I conducted was around 10 minutes long for an assignment evaluating our interviewing styles. The assignment did not focus too much on content (although it was an important aspect; you cannot ask fluff questions and expect to get a good interview out of it) ergo I did not have many questions to ask of Marty (the owner).

With this assignment, however, I can focus on what he started with, what he has now and where he plans to go. His event lineup for the week adds variety. His artists and performers will provide a behind-the-scenes story.

2. The landlord of Stadium Apartments: Brian something

He is a well-known DM (Dungeon Master) in Columbia’s Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) circles. He owns an apartment complex and reviews each applicant to the complex.

What’s my story here? The underground culture of D&D?

3. D&D in Columbia

I could do a story solely on the D&D culture in Columbia. My starting point could be Valhalla’s Gate – described by a friend as the “ultimate nerd store”. The story could focus on the store owners, the regular customers and the events.

4. Professor Holman

I wanted to talk to him for the interview assignment in my news reporting class. My TA preferred interviewing Marty.

Why is talking to Professor Holman a good idea? Because a) He is one of two or three Japanese professors on the MU campus b) He is the only non-Japanese person to learn and perform the Japanese puppetry form, Bunraku. He formed the Bunraku Bay Puppet Troupe. He was (I am not sure if he still is) part of a TV show last semester. I am forgetting the name of the show as well. No doubt, he will remind me if I talk to him c) He was in a TV show! d) He has translated many Japanese novels into English.

Four very good reasons.

5. (Suggested to me) An Anthropology professor

Pretty decent idea. But what is the story here? Their career as a professor? What led them to teach? Their careers as anthropologists? The overlappings of being an anthropologist and a professor? Haha, taking pictures of them in class will be awkward, especially since I have to have close-ups. It will be fun though. A lot of fun.

6. A Journalism professor? No, too obvious. 

7. Any professor, really.

A lot of them seem to have very interesting stories. I know Professor Galliher (he teaches criminology) was one of the first people I thought of. Two of the books we are reading in class are co-authored or authored by him. He’s been teaching this class for a really long time. He is currently working on the biography of (the late) Alfred Lindesmith. He has been around a while and knows what he is talking about.

8. Owner of Olive Café

I still think this is a good idea. The guy recognizes my face and remembers what I always order every time I go there. That speaks of good restaurant-running sense. Customer care is the precise phrase I am looking for. The food, by the way, is delicious!

(more brainstorming proof can be found here)


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