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Challenge accepted

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the Republic was at war again… no, I’m kidding. Although, it would make for a good (albeit recycled) story.

I digress.

Back in January, I said I wanted to add “Audio, Photography and Video skills” to my resume. Over 16 weeks, I learnt the difference between aperture and shutter speed; how to use natural sounds to carry a story; how to edit audio down to the tiniest possible fraction of a second; and more. The result: skillz (yes, with a ‘z’) have been added to my resume.

However, they go beyond being just marketable abilities. Being able to tell a story using more than the spoken word requires a lot more creativity and attention to detail. Telling a story using two or more elements needs a heightened sense of storytelling. The reporter has to decide which element (audio, visual, written word) will narrate the story in the most compelling manner. What sells a story is how it is told.

Did I learn how to tell a story? I learnt some of it. There is a lot to storytelling than just throwing together elements and facts and quotes. There is more to it than knowing what goes where and why. I have yet to learn that. Once I learn that, there will be more to learn. Storytelling is an art form that evolves with the storyteller. I will do well to remember that.

This post was about reflection. Here’s some of the work I have done this semester:

A short  video.

A TV-Style video.

A gallery of some of my favourite shots.


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