Not a 180

The 180 I thought my story did was not quite such a big deal after all. The issue was one of miscommunication and jumping the gun.

The delay is getting an environmental clearance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Why the delay?

Because the two groups involved with the project thought it would be a good idea to get the groundbreaking over and done with while they wait on “paperwork that we were sure was only a matter of time.”

Welch said of the situation,” We’ve all got egg on our faces here.” I wish I could have used it in my story. It’s a quite good quote.

I also (finally) managed to get in touch with the architect. When I called him, he talked more about Sufism, Bob Dylan, and his religious experiences in New Mexico. Pretty interesting guy, from the sound of it. Except, I’m pretty sure he was hitting on me – he said (a couple of times) he wanted to meet me. But he also said he would send me (in an email) all the features of the net-zero house and plans and designs for it.

*insert happy face*

After I finished speaking to him, I told Art about the conversation. He said, “Sometimes the creepy ones give you really good information.” I agree with Art on that. The degree to which the information is “really good” varies from creepy to creepy, though.

I also told my parents about the architect hitting on me.

My mother’s response: Is he rich?

My dad’s response: Did you hit on him too?

*cue facepalm*


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