The Flood of ’93

While going through the Missourian and Tribune archives for the post-flood coverage, I was a little surprised at how the Missourian had more people stories than fact stories. 

For example, the Tribune ran an article on how state and federal officials had scheduled a meeting to discuss costs and damages. The Missourian did not have that. The follow-up story to that (where the paper published the cost in damages incurred by the nine affected states) was not in the Missourian either, which struck me as particularly strange, because those numbers were significant. 

According to the Tribune’s article on Aug. 12, the following was the cost in damages to property and farmland incurred by:

– Missouri: $4 billion

– Iowa: $2.72 billion

– Minnesota: $1 billion

– Illinois: $930 million

– Wisconsin: $921 million

– South Dakota: $750.7 million

– North Dakota: $520 million

– Kansas: $500 million

– Nebraska: $342 million


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