Presidential Speech in Missouri

President Obama spoke to audiences in small-town Warrensburg on July 24, 2013. Here are my live tweets from the event.
Campus decor for #POTUSatUCM
The line in front of the Student Wellness and Recreation Center at 11 a.m. #POTUSatUCM
UCM gallery director Christian Cutler is selling stickers of Obama quotes. #POTUSatUCM

Cutler sells these stickers as a hobby. “Whenever I find a good quote or something interested, I print them out and sell them,” he said.

My friend @TheOnlyParle will be leading the Pledge of the Allegiance to begin @BarackObama‘a speech at UCM. So proud and happy for her.
Volunteer Gaetano Acevedo (senior airman on Whiteman AFB) gives water to people waiting in line #POTUSatUCM

Acevedo said volunteers consisted mainly of UCM students, but there were some Air Force personnel from Whiteman Air Force Base among the volunteers too.

There is a sniffer dog at the media entrance! Secret Service says I can’t take a picture. #POTUSatUCM
@UCentralMO president @UCMAmbrose addresses the crowd at 3:36 p.m. #POTUSatUCM

He advised the crowd to bend their knees (because everyone was standing and would be standing for a couple more hours) and follow the president’s remarks.

4:07 p.m. and three people have fainted in a span of ~30 minutes #POTUSatUCM
Arrival of Air force one. #digitalburg #POTUSatUCM #ChooseRed

I wish I could have witnessed this myself.

5 p.m. and no show by the president. #POTUSatUCM

Although word at the venue was that the press traveling with president was already at said venue.

Gov. Jay Nixon and Sen. Claire McCaskill have taken their seats. #POTUSatUCM

It was McCaskill’s birthday and some people around her sang the “happy birthday” song.

President in the house #POTUSatUCM
“Gave a long speech at Illinois and I will not repeat it here.” #potusatucm

His speech lasted about 30 minutes, including the pauses he took when people cheered.

#POTUSatUCM “Building the middle class, making sure they’re secure, is my highest priotity.”
@lakshna_lk: #POTUSatUCM “We need a long term plan based on persistent effort.”
“Where I can act on my own, I will. I’m not going to wait for Congress.” #POTUSatUCM
“Here’s the problem: if college costs keep going up, there’s never going to be enough money.” #POTUSatUCM
“I want other colleges to take a look at what’s going on here (@UCentralMO).” #POTUSatUCM

UCM has an initiative (in collaboration) enabling high school students to graduate with an associate’s degree and internship experience. Then they get their bachelor’s degree in two years, graduate debt-free and with a higher chance of getting a job. The initiative is called Missouri Innovation Campus.

“You can make it here in America if you work hard.” #POTUSatUCM
Waving at the end of a ~30 minute speech. #POTUSatUCM
Shaking the hand of a member of the audience. #POTUSatUCM
Crowd taking pictures of the president #POTUSatUCM
Crowd waiting to leave the building #POTUSatUCM

It was a good day. Tiring, but good.


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