One of the articles I worked on today was about the director of Truman Veterans Hospital leaving for a job at the Central Texas Veteran Health Care System (I had to check my notes to make sure I remembered the name correctly).

After I was done making a list of possible questions I should I ask the director (Sallie), I took a look at the list of questions and notes of an interview I conducted about a similar story – one of the hospitals in Columbia is getting a new president and CEO, Jim.

As I typed up the article, I realized how two similar stories need to be approached differently. The city (ergo the readers) should know what kind of a person is about to join their community and professional circles. The city should also be aware of the importance and impact of the person leaving.

The article I wrote on Jim focused on his professional achievements and history. It only had a couple of paragraphs about himself and his family.

The article I wrote about Sallie, however, focused on her personal story with professional overtones (that sounded like a makeup tutorial).

Of course, that is not a template for all stories along the same veins, but I feel like a genius for making this observation.

PS – I may have been a little too liberal with the word ‘genius,’ although I do not regret using it.


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