Localizing Egypt

To protect the identities of my sources, I have not used their full names in this post. 

I have been working on a story about the situation in Egypt for almost a week now. It was pitched to me on Friday. I spent two days looking for anyone in Columbia with solid ties to Egypt.

On Monday, I got the opportunity to speak to an Egyptian man, an accountant, who came to America 20 years ago. The last time he had visited Egypt was in 2009. Since his family is in Alexandria, they have not been affected as much by the political upheaval. Regardless, I got the perspective of a national.

I kept up my search for more sources, preferably in Columbia. Two friends pointed me towards Ahmed, an Egyptian exchange student at MU who had returned home to Cairo. He was a really helpful source. And luckily for me, he blogged about what he calls Egypt’s second revolution.

Based on what I got from him, I could possibly write a story. It would be pretty one-sided, though. I’m disappointed I have not been able to speak to, or find, more people. Through my friends, I found a couple of other Egyptian students at Mizzou, but none of them have responded to my messages.

Ahmed told me about a professor who may talk to me. I sent him an email and am waiting on a response. Too bad I found out about him after office hours. Plus, he’s not in the phone book. So much for yellow (and white) pages.


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