Ebisu in Japanese puppetry (Bunraku)

This is a video I made for a class assignment. It is simply an overview of a character, Ebisu. Professor Martin Holman is also an associate professor of Japanese Studies at MU.

I went into this assignment not knowing anything about shooting and editing for a good video. I also did not know anything about Japanese puppetry (yes, I know, I should have done my research). The way I saw it, I would learn about the subject with the assignment. Bad idea.

With video, getting good sound (good visual is a given) to tell your story is vital to the piece. Sound can make or break the piece. What I did not realise is, knowing your subject is just as important, because if you do not know how to shoot the subject you are not going to get the best visuals you can.

Wait, what?

In my video, you just see the puppet being moved x number of ways. Had I known, beforehand, that each Japanese puppet needs at least three people to operate, I would have arranged for three people to be there to allow the puppet more movement thus giving my video better visuals.

Mistakes like that is how we learn (yay for pseudo-philosophical end!).


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April 20, 2013 · 4:50 pm

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