We know. Or do we?

The Internet is to the journalist what a maester is to the nobility of Westeros – an exclusive commodity available to anyone who should seek its services.

We spent a class period going over various web tools a reporter can use to tell their stories. Of the many thoughts jogging through my head, the only one in boldface was: if there are so many ways to make a story better, why do we still see/hear/read bad storytelling?

Good storytelling is one that captures the audience – target and those you did not quite think you would reach.
Bad storytelling is one that turns away even the target audience.

So how do Internet tools help with good (and sometimes better) storytelling?

Google Maps localizes an article.
Storify connects events.
Flickr sequences stories.
SoundCloud shares narratives.
All of these more and yet we need to be taught to use these tools.

As journalists in the making, we are still in that gray area of our careers where we are the audience as well as the storytellers. We know what we like to hear and read. We know what we like to see. So why do we need to be taught to make multimedia connections?


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