One of the faculty members of the print and digital sequence at the J-School spoke to our class for two minutes. He gave one bit of advice – skill sets is what is important to be a newspaper reporter. He got me thinking of the various ways journalism has changed over the years. From simple words and maybe a few pictures, reporting has changed to info-graphics, videos, live-blogging, web-interactions, etcetera. There is so much more to being a journalist than just being able to write. The professor told us as reporters, we had to think about info-grahics, data visualizations, design and multimedia.

I spent a big chunk of Thursday browsing the internet for what the journalists themselves had to say about being a journalist of the 21st century. These are some of the gems (at least, I think so) I found:

1. 25 essential skills for student journalists


2. Tips and tricks of visual storytelling by photojournalist Bethany Swain


3. Gene Weingarten, a Pulitzer-prize winner (twice), on how to be a journalist


4. Lessons learnt from Wall Street, but they apply to any profession.


5. 22 rules for journalists.


6. Proof that sometimes a conversation is the best kind of interview than a Q&A


7. Hearing vs. Listening. Personally, the last five paragraphs are the most important. Go ahead and read the entire article though; it makes for a thoughtful read.


8. Missourian editor Tom Warhover’s reporting and writing tips (also updated every so often).


PS: This list will be updated every so often.


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