Grandma learns chess

My friend wanted to visit his grandmother this weekend and I tagged along with him. His grandma is a wonderful lady.

My friend has recently started playing chess – a lot. He wanted to teach his grandmother. His grandfather has a beautiful chess set which has not been used in years.


And so the game began.




This was Grandma’s first game of chess ever. She used a little sheet of paper that had a description of how the pieces move written on it. She still writes in cursive.



Then she got stumped. She did not know if she wanted to move her castle or her knight or a pawn.


She moved her pawn. IMG_1159

Turns out, she should not have done that. My friend then moved his queen and it was a check-mate (my friend was white – silver here).


Grandma’s losing face.




PS: All the pictures have been taken with an iPhone 4S and have not been edited in any way.


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