My story

Location: a 6th grade classroom, Indian School Muscat, Muscat, Oman.

When I was in middle school, there was a compulsory writing competition conducted for all students in fifth through eighth grades – creative writing.

We were given a sheet of paper with a prompt and we had to write a story based on said prompt. I do not remember doing this in fifth grade.

In sixth grade, however, I decided to have some fun with the prompt by making the story funny. I think the prompt was about a man who spends a whole day fishing. I may be wrong though. As I wrote my story, my 11-year-old self was trying to stifle her laughter; I thought I was absolutely hilarious.

Apparently, the judges of the competition thought so too because a couple of weeks later I was called out of my classroom to be told I won first place among all my sixth grade peers. Obviously, 11-year-old me was ecstatic.

I repeated my modus operandi in seventh grade and it worked again. I won first place for the second year in a row. By then, I was convinced I had found one of my strongest strengths.

At around the same time, my elder sister was looking at colleges to apply at and thinking of what career path she wanted to take. It got me thinking about what I wanted to be. I decided I wanted to be a journalist simply because I knew I could write.

Seven years later, my decision to become a journalist is still unwavering.

As I have learned, being a journalist is about being able to report with all the facts intact, cross-checked and conveyed in a manner that readers don’t equate with a lullaby. While the skill does rely heavily on writing, adding multimedia elements to a story is always a bonus. It engages the audience which may not particularly enjoy words as much as a Tolkien or Thomas Hardy fan.

I can write. I have two trophies to prove I can be funny. But can I shoot videos that do not look like they were shot by a drunk orangutan? Can I take good-quality pictures without having to edit them (too much)? I don’t know.

Alright, I admit: I know I can take halfway decent pictures (without editing). But as Mizzou’s J-School is teaching me, good (or better) journalists do not settle for halfway decent. And I want to be a good journalist, at the very least.

With the J2150 class, I hope I learn to take good pictures on a camera with more features than I know what to do with. Better yet, I expect to learn how to make those features work for me, like the Uruk-Hai work for Saruman. I hope I learn how to shoot videos and not mess up the audio, or the visuals, or both.

At the end of this semester I expect to be able to add “Audio, Photography and Video” under the heading “Skills” on my resume.

Challenge accepted?


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